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We Strive to Make….Fellowship the fabric of our time together, Creativity the common thread that binds us, and Community the benefactor of our collective efforts. Thank you for stopping by. We appreciate your interest.
About Us:
My love affair with sewing and quilting began many years ago and grew over time. I have prayed for years to find that ‘thing’/that hobby that is completely fulfilling..That ‘thing’ that would keep me awake at night..that ‘thing’ that would consume my mind and soul. I had all but given up on that dream when the Lord came into my life and brought my most heartfelt interests into one experience that would light my way to genuine fulfillment. It was 2010. My son had been a starting Defensive Tackle on the National Championship Football team at Auburn University. My desire to capture the magic of the year consumed me. I was obsessed with creating something to help him always remember this time in his life. I had been a quilter for years but was introduced to the idea of making my son’s shirts into a quilt at this exact time. My mission was a clear one. I longed to make a keepsake with My Hands that would forever touch His Heart. I created his T-shirt Quilt with no pattern. I began in the center and worked outward. I included 36 T-shirts, 6 pictures, and an embroidered border of the entire schedule from the year. I spent endless hours lost in the process but loving every minute of the journey. It was spectacular in the end and well received by many.
I found however that once completed, I felt immense sadness that my creative journey was over. I decided thereafter to start creating other T-shirt quilts that friends might like and visited local thrift shops and yard sales in hopes of finding ‘fun’ T-shirts. My journey to find T-shirts for my new projects revealed such vivid colors, beautiful graphics and inspirational words. The message from God was so clear. Quilting was my calling, whether creating an entire t-shirt quilt or finishing beautiful quilt tops for very talented people. Quilting fills my soul.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our pages and will be inspired to move forward with that long thought of gift/project. It will be an honor to assist you in making your memories more tangible.

We will make every effort to include you in each step of our process through texting and email, if desired.

Once your quilt top is completed, It will be quilted on our Long-Arm Gammill Machine with a Statler Stitcher.

She’s a Beauty!!

To begin our collaboration on your project OR…To ask questions and gather more information:

Contact Us- rebeccakc1015@gmail.com or call/text us at 334-610-1667